The Faces released four studio albums and toured regularly until the autumn of 1975, although Stewart simultaneously pursued a solo recording career, and during the band’s final year Wood also toured with The Rolling Stones, whom he later joined. Wood and Stewart parted ways with Beck and joined Lane, McLagan and Jones full time. With the addition of Stewart and Wood, the ‘Small’ part of the original band name was dropped, partly because the two newcomers (at 5’8” and 5.9” respectively) were significantly taller than the three former Small Faces.

Faces 1970

The Faces, 1970

Faces 1973

The Faces, 1973

Hoping to capitalize on the Small Faces earlier success, record company executives wanted the band to keep their old name; however, the band objected, arguing the personal changes resulted in a group very different from the Small Faces. As a compromise, in the US their debut album was credited to the Small Faces, while subsequent albums appeared under their new name. The group regularly toured Britain, Europe and the United States from 1970 to 1975, and were among the top-grossing live acts in that period. In 1974 their touring also encompassed Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Among their most successful songs were ‘Had Me a Real Good Time’, ‘Cindy Incidentally’, ‘Pool Hall Richard’ and their breakthrough UK hit ‘Stay With Me’.

In 2012 the band was inducted into the prestigious Rock n Roll Hall of Fame alongside the Small Faces.

2015 saw Kenney Jones, Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart get back together for a reunion concert at Kenney’s polo club in aid of Prostate Cancer UK.

The band are currently working on a number of re-releases.

Faces 2015

Ronnie, Kenney & Rod, 2015

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